Bryony and Morven’s story

Performing isn’t the only opportunity for students to shine at The Shakespeare Schools Festival. There are many key roles in putting together a production, which is why SSF is keen to encourage young people to get involved behind-the-scenes. These technical roles can include marketing, costume, directing and even lighting & sound, which not only give practical experience, but are invaluable when filling out university applications and exploring future career prospects.

Students Bryony and Morven were in charge of marketing their school’s performance of Macbeth.

After watching the first rehearsal they were convinced the show would be a success and were determined to share the experience with others.  

We wanted to show everyone what the cast had achieved and that they really could pull off such a mature performance of a complex piece of drama. This is when we decided we had to promote the festival as much as possible!
Bryony and Morven, Students

But the pressure was on:

We had, perhaps, a bigger challenge than other schools in that local people in our area live so far from Eden Court. When we first arrived there, we saw there were no posters up advertising the festival so we immediately asked if we could put some up.

Their ambition and enthusiasm even led them to approach the local press for coverage of the event.

We asked newspapers such as The Oban Times, The Lochaber News and our local paper Westword to write articles on our production and encouraged them to talk to cast members. 

By giving Bryony and Morven the responsibility of marketing, the girls were able to gain valuable hands-on experience.

We have used it on our UCAS applications, it was the perfect way to show we had experienced marketing on a practical level, not just in theory.

By embracing the many facets of theatre production, SSF aims to provide a wide range of opportunities for young people, whether they are on stage or behind the scenes, proving that you don’t need to be under the spotlight to shine.