Our Impact

Since 2000, SSF has transformed the lives of over a quarter of a million children and their teachers.

Our aim is to engage pupils in their education, inspire teachers in their jobs and create community ties. We offer this experience to all children regardless of background, ability or location.

Download our 2014 Impact Report to see how SSF makes a difference in the lives of students and teachers alike and allows them engage with their heritage, education and community.


Impact on communities

Our audiences report feeling refreshed and surprised by what they see. 84% felt the Festival positively changed the perception of young people in their community.

Impact on teachers

More than half our teachers develop their leadership, communication and organisational skills through SSF.

Impact on schools

We offer schools the rare opportunity to work with arts professionals and their local theatre which keeps young people focused and engaged. 100% of Headteachers told us that participation has had a positive impact on their students

Impact on theatres

Over 50% of the young people and audience surveyed had never been to their local theatre before. 96% said they would return to the theatre again.

The Shakespeare Generation

We want to create a Shakespeare Generation, united by a life-changing opportunity to engage with their heritage, education and community.

Impact on young people

The Festival process has a unique impact on everyone who takes part. 91% of students asked said they now feel more confident.