About Us

SSF uses the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives.

We’re thrilled that in 2016, over 1100 schools will perform in 131 theatres from Aberdeen to Aberdare, Carlisle to Clacton in the world’s largest youth drama festival - Shakespeare Schools Festival.

We use a rigorous and supportive process to train teachers and young people in an active and ambitious way of working with Shakespeare. Months of preparation culminate in exhilarating performance evenings; young people playing Shakespeare in professional theatres. Since our birth in Wales in 2000, over 1/4 million young people have taken part in our visceral and ambitious learning programme.

Read about the process here and sign up to be a Shakespeare School in 2017 here.

We don’t just believe in the limitless power of Shakespeare to amuse and terrify, move and inspire, but also believe that doing something as scary, as aspirational, as wonderful as playing Shakespeare has the power to change lives. And we know that confidence, teamwork, literacy and ambition are just a few of the lifelong benefits that our process gives. Read more about our impact here.

But we’re so much more than just a Festival. 

In school workshops

If you’re looking for an exciting and engaging introduction to Shakespeare or need to inspire your exam classes, then why not book one of our in school workshops?  We lead whole year groups to perform A Play in a Day; give Year 7 students an exciting and active Introduction to Shakespeare and help GCSE and A-Level students gain new insights and understanding of Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet  and King Lear.  And by training groups of teachers in how to work with Shakespeare and how to use our active and enriching approaches across the curriculum, we leave an inbuilt legacy behind us.

Shakespeare in your business

Our unique approach can transform how teams and individuals operate in the workplace - so Shakespeare for business is an important arm of the organisation that brings in revenue to support our core work.  Using Shakespeare and rehearsal room techniques, workshops on communication and teamwork promote teamwork and effective communication.   With satisfied clients including Google, EY and the BBC, we’re confident your teams will gain vital skills to bring back into your business through a CPD experience like no other!